During our first meeting we’ll discuss your goals, timelines and budget. I’ve identified some services below, and can work with you on other spaces too (that are not mentioned).

For clients located outside of Victoria, I’m happy to provide consultations. Whether we discuss it on the phone, email, Facetime or Skype, I’m happy to provide some guidance and/or recommendations to get you started.

Stay tuned for more services and information on social media (this may include my business Facebook page, videos, Pinterest, Instragram and Twitter).


  • Scrapbooking and craft rooms
  • Seniors’ downsizing
  • Home or office organizing
  • De-cluttering your home to sell
  • Children’s toy organizing
  • Kitchen organization
  • Garage organization

Here are some key questions to think about as you get started?


  • What do you want your space to look like?
  • How do you currently organize your office, business and/or scrapbooking/card making supplies/space?
  • Why do you do it this way?
  • Why does it work/not work? What works and what doesn’t work?
  • Why is it important for you to get there?

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