Over the course of two weeks Wanda completely transformed my spare bedroom walk-in closet into my amazing and organized scrapbooking space!
She assessed what was needed, purchased, assembled and installed new shelving units and lighting, and created an amazing space that is not only functional but looks beautiful that I’m very proud of it! Most importantly though…she’s given me an organizing system that continues to work for me many months later and is a breeze to pull things from when I want to take supplies to crafting workshops. She taught me….it’s not organized if you can’t put your hands on it! Having a line of site to my supplies, means I have actually saved money!
Thank you Wanda for getting me organized! I would highly recommend her for organizing your scrapbooking space or any space!

The transformation of my scrapbooking space in my master bedroom was beyond my expectations! It’s now functional, everything is visible and looks beautiful!
Four weeks ago I didn’t know where to begin. Wanda came in, identified the need to create “zones”, suggested that all my supplies be visible and/or labelled, while keeping in mind that I wanted it to look beautiful. With seven visits and various “to-do lists” Wanda kept me on track, checked on my progress and ordered various shelving.
Everything is so organized and I know I’m going to save a lot of money! Oh and Hubble (the cat) now has a landing runway across both dressers to the window ledge. And my husband can now see the wood finish on the top of his dresser.
Thanks Wanda for getting my scrapbooking space organized, I couldn’t have done it without you!

After attending an open house for a client of Wanda’s, and seeing the transformed scrapbooking space, I was inspired!
I won the two hour consultation at the open house and was excited to get going on a remodel that required Wanda’s organizational skills and expertise. The first session included a conversation to determine what was working, what wasn’t, why I organized that way, and how I wanted the space to be. Wanda gave me some great tips on where to start a few things, next steps for others, and suggested “zones” to organize, store and display my card-making supplies. We also talked about getting additional lighting.
The second session included installation of my beautiful new light (thanks to Wanda’s husband Steve). The final session was a recap of the organizational enhancements, and how much more enjoyable the space is to work in.
Thanks Wanda for the inspiration, that’s exactly what I needed to get going, I’ll definitely recommend you to family and friends!




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